Ah, Art!

Travel notes

Author: Igor Zabel
Editor: Zoja Skušek
Publisher: Založba /* cf. publishing house
Co-publisher: Igor Zabel
Association for Culture and Theory

Slovene language
2014, Ljubljana
Soft cover
174 pages
Price: 14,00 €

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The notebooks and planners in Igor Zabel’s heritage contain diary entries hidden among his schedules, lecture outlines, interview cues, directories, etc. Igor Zabel kept a journal on his business trips; and he travelled a lot, he visited a large part of the world from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv and Moscow. And also all of Europe, of course. Here, journal is meant in the literal sense of a chronological record of daily events. He described exhibitions, the ideas they generated, his encounters with collectors and artists, and also glimpses of everyday life. He wrote at airports, on trains, in hotels, etc. The journals are written realistically, in Igor’s precise style, and are precious testimonies about the art scene, people, exhibitions and life.