ERSTE Foundation

ERSTE Foundation is main partner of the Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory.

ERSTE Foundation is a creative workshop for ideas and innovation, a lab for topics of the future which increases its effectiveness through the strategic cooperation with networks. As main shareholder of Erste Group ERSTE Foundation secures the independent future of one of the largest financial services providers in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. As a private Austrian savings banks foundation, the foundation is committed to serve the common good. We believe that artists need (free) spaces for their production, theorists need international recognition, and both, work and interpretation, should be accessible to a larger public.

The Moderna Galerija

The Museum of Modern Art + Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova in Ljubljana is the central national museum of modern and contemporary art in Slovenia. In 2011, it reorganized its activities into two large units, the Museum of Modern Art in its original building and the Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova. The Museum of Modern Art houses a display from the national collection of 20th century modernist art and 21st century art based on the modernist tradition and tendencies. The Museum of Contemporary Art houses the international collection Arteast 2000+, which presents a series of important artists from Eastern Europe.

SCCA-Ljubljana, Centre for Contemporary Arts

Established in 2000, SCCA-Ljubljana, Centre for Contemporary Arts (a successor to the Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts – Ljubljana, 1993–1999) is a generator of innovative programmes and services that facilitate artistic and interpretative practices. Its diverse activities address artists, curators, theorists, and critics in the fields of visual and new media arts. They trigger artistic, discursive and social practices and are rooted in the interdisciplinary approach and intense international cooperation. SCCA-Ljubljana divides its programme into four complementary areas: projects, video/archive, education and services.

MAO – Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana

MAO  is the central national museum for architecture and design; it preserves and archives works from prominent architects and designers of the 20th and 21st centuries. MAO organizes and shares this seemingly unlimited source of inspiration and exploration of architecture and design through its many compelling exhibitions, publications and diverse programs. In this unique environment where past, present and a desire to discover the new come together, MAO, an important European creative hub, serves as a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and dialogue for and among a wide range of visitors. MAO is also the founder and coordination entity of the first pan European architectural platform Future Architecture. MAO also operates The Centre for Creativity (CzK), which is an interdisciplinary platform that connects, promotes, presents and supports the activities and development of Slovenia’s cultural and creative sector (CCS).

Šum journal

Šum  is a journal and a platform focusing on contemporary art and theory. It was established in 2013 by artists and theorists and is supported by a network of institutions for contemporary art in Slovenia that act as its coproducers. The journal is distributed free of charge. Šum is a network and community of contributing artists and writers that organizes interventions into institutional programs in the form of debates, lectures, seminars and various other events that serve as means of self-education and tools for forging connections with various institutional contexts as well.