We are happy to announce that the book Shaping Revolutionary Memory: The Production of Monuments in Socialist Yugoslavia, edited by Sanja Horvatinčić and Beti Žerovc, is printed. 

Contributing authors: Marija Đorđević, Sanja Horvatinčić, Heike Karge, Ljiljana Kolešnik, Vladimir Kulić, Bojana Pejić, Sabina Tanović, and Beti Žerovc

The publication presents a comprehensive overview of the vast production of monuments in socialist Yugoslavia (1945–91) dedicated to the antifascist People's Liberation Struggle in the Second World War and the socialist revolution. Since the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, these monuments have been subject to various fates, from neglect and physical destruction to global fame generated by the high-modernist visual appeal of a number of them. But the full scope, wide-ranging diversity, and complex context of Yugoslav monument making, including its various contradictions, have remained largely unexplored. 

The book offers a thorough and interdisciplinary exploration of this phenomenon and a rich visual material. 

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Design: Ivian Kan Mujezinović / Ee
Publishers: Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory (Ljubljana) and Archive Books (Berlin)
Support: ERSTE Foundation

IZA Editions
English language
Soft cover, color print
424 pages, 524 images
Price: 30,00 €

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