Shaping Revolutionary Memory: The Production of Monuments in Socialist Yugoslavia
Book presentation and discussion with the editors Sanja Horvatinčić and Beti Žerovc

Friday, 13 October 2023, 18:00, Museum of Contemporary Art (museum’s bookstore), Avenija Dubrovnik 17, Zagreb

In the discussion, moderated by Lujo Parežanin, independent researcher, journalist, and musician, Sanja Horvatinčić and Beti Žerovc will present the book that offers a comprehensive overview of the vast production of monuments in socialist Yugoslavia (1945–1991) dedicated to the antifascist People’s Liberation Struggle in the Second World War and the socialist revolution.

The book brings a thorough and interdisciplinary exploration of this phenomenon and a rich visual material to examine its key characteristics and specificities: What memorial practices and commemorative traditions preceded the development of monument-making in socialism? Who commissioned these monuments and how did Yugoslav cultural and memory politics influence their production? Who were their authors and what defined their formal and typological features? How was Yugoslav monument production related to comparative efforts abroad? What commemorative practices developed around monuments? How is this legacy evaluated and received today, both in the post-Yugoslav successor states and internationally?

Sanja Horvatinčić is a Research Associate at the Institute of Art History in Zagreb, Croatia. Her research focuses on the production of monuments and remembrance culture in socialist Yugoslavia, as well as on heritage and memory politics in the post-socialist context.

Beti Žerovc is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana. Her areas of research are visual art and the art system since the mid-nineteenth century, with a focus on their roles in society.

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The event is organized by: Igor Zabel Association and Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb