International Symposium On Power in Architecture #3


Symposium ON POWER IN ARCHITECTURE #3: a psychoanalytical and poststructuralist perspective

26 September 2019, 10:00–16:00, MAO – Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana
Speakers: Andrew Ballantyne, Elke Krasny, Nadir Lahiji, Robert Pfaller, Douglas Spencer

Pre-event: Architecture and Ideology, discussion
25 September 2019, 18:00, Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana
Speakers: Andrew Ballantyne, Nadir Lahiji, Elke Krasny, Robert Pfaller

After focusing on the materialistic and the phenomenological philosophical perspective, the third and last edition of the symposia series On Power in Architecture focuses on the psychoanalytical and poststructuralist perspective of reflecting on the relation between power and architecture. The third international symposium will bring together renowned philosophers and theorists who will think about the specific intertwinement between power and architecture in contemporary neoliberalism.  
Andrew Ballantyne, Elke Krasny, Nadir Lahiji, Robert Pfaller, and Douglas Spencer will talk about micropolitics and architecture, phantasmagoria and capitalist pleasure, iconic shifts in architecture in the 1980s and ’90s, the intertwinement of postmodernist aesthetics and neoliberalism, and the possibilities of an alternative view of power in architecture as the power of capital and the power for capital. 


The programme is organized by Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory in collaboration with Mateja Kurir and is supported by MAO, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, and ERSTE Foundation

The programme will be in English. Entry is free of charge.

symposium programME

Pre-event, Wednesday, 25 September 2019, 18:00, Faculty of Architecture
What is the relationship between architecture and ideology? How and why does architecture perform as ideology? Andrew Ballantyne, Nadir Lahiji, Elke Krasny, and Robert Pfaller will present their views on this complex intertwinement. The discussion will be moderated by Mateja Kurir.


Thursday, 26 September 2019, 10:00–16:00, MAO  

10:00–10:15    Opening remarks by Mateja Kurir, The Architecture of Neoliberal Desctruction

10:15–11:00     Andrew Ballantyne, Micropolitics and Architecture

11:00–11:45     Elke Krasny, Iconic Moves: Regeneration + Reproduction

11:45–12:30     Nadir Lahiji: Phantasmagoria of the “One Divided in Two”: Architecture and the Capitalist Enjoyment

12:30–13:15     Discussion

13:15–14:00     Break 

14:00–14:45     Robert Pfaller, Postmodern Aesthetics and Neoliberal Politics: A Relationship between Ornament and Crime

14:45–15:30     Douglas Spencer, Architecture and the Subject of Capital: A Critique of Symptomatics and Spectacle

15.30–16.00     Discussion


More information on the speakers and abstracts of their lectures are available here.