The European Roma Cultural Foundation - recipient of the Igor Zabel working grant 2012 - is opening Roma Contemporary Art Space - Gallery8

Photo: Archive ERCF
Photo: Archive ERCF

In 2012, the European Roma Cultural Foundation received an Igor Zabel working grant, which was provided to them by Suzana Milevska, the recipient of the main award, the one who traditionally selects the recipient of the third working grant. On February 15, 2013, the European Roma Cultural Foundation is opening a new gallery space in Budapest – Gallery8. The gallery is located in Budapest’s 8th district, Mátyás, which is mostly populated by Roma inhabitants.

Gallery8 aims to serve the Central-European Roma community: it aims to enable and support the production, presentation and interpretation of Roma artworks. It is envisioned as an intercultural space where experimentation, creation, collaboration and discussion between the Roma and non-Roma can take place.

The opening exhibition ROMAISM: Constructing Roma Cultural History is curated by
Timea Junghaus and Veronka Vaspál.

Gallery8 web site